Today is the official launch date for my book A Scout is Brave, though some lucky souls pre-ordered it or bought copies at our fabulous book launch on Saturday.

People at the book launch for A Scout is Brave.
It’s like the scene at the end of Titanic when people welcome Rose back to the ship!
People attending the book launch for A Scout is Brave
It’s my favorite thing in the world when people from all corners of my life come together in one place: family, friends, coworkers, former students, and bitter creditors!
Will Ludwigsen reading from his book A Scout is Brave
Here I await thunderous applause while my publisher Steve Berman signals the audience.

Of course, it’s never too late to join the troop!

And don’t forget that talented musical artist Kathexis93 has released a Lovecraftian prequel album, available on Bandcamp.