“It was in Innmouth where I met the greatest Scout I’ve ever known, a boy named Aubrey Marsh, and he’s the reason I’m still here and the reason I still believe it’s worth being human, even though he’s not quite either of those things anymore.”

In the summer of 1963, Bud Castillo moves with his family from Queens to the bleak town of Innsmouth, Massachusetts, after a local oil consortium hires his father to help with a drilling platform off the coast. In the town library, Bud meets a kindred spirit, Aubrey, the only other boy in town. Scouting is the cornerstone of Bud’s life, and founding a troop in Innsmouth is the only way he can cope with what he is sure is a disastrous move.

But the comforts of the summer are coming to an end as Bud discovers that Reverend Pritchett and the Evangelical Progress Temple has plans to return Innsmouth to greatness and glory…with Bud’s family as the key to their plan.

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